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This is my first critique so I will try to do my best. U have used an idea that a lot of people enjoy but can sometimes be overused. It...

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I have been thinking about this for a while now. Well actually I've been thinking about this for more than a year now. I've been spriting since 2009 on Youtube. When i began to make these videos, my enthusiasm was up the roof! I absolutely loved making sprite videos. But the longer I made videos, that enthusiasm kept decreasing. It decreased so much to the point i stopped for a couple of months. I returned in hope that my enthusiasm would be back. It was barley any different than it was when i left. I kept on trying to make videos, but one day my computer got a virus and i had to restart everything back to factory settings, in which i lost all my data. Its like it wasnt meant to be. After i took my year of a break, i was back and better than ever! i was just as excited as i was when i started. Then i started to work on the first video. as i worked on it, I started to get bored really fast. I would leave it for the next day, everyday. Until i just finished it. Then the whole shinning te
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If you received a notification about a new submission don't try to find it. I made a stupid mistake and never intended what I did, so I have removed the submission and will be working on a new one instead. My fullest apologies to all who had relation to the issue.
If you received a notification about a new submission don't try to find it. I made a stupid mistake and never intended what I did, so I have removed the submission and will be working on a new one instead. My fullest apologies to all who had relation to the issue.


XXXZERO8's Profile Picture
Zero Shade
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Name: Zero Shade
Sex: Male
Species: Pegasus
Sexuality: Bisexual

He is originally from Las Pegasus where he worked as a bartender. One day he was laid off due to his boss getting greedy, and thought he had nothing left. After a lot of thinking, he ran into a demon pony who offered to make him something people would respect, in exchange for his right eye. In the end he agreed to the deal out of vanity and anger, not realising the true nature of what he had done. When he awoke the next day he thought it was just a dream until he looked in a mirror and noticed his right eye was gone. Not only that but for some reason his cutie mark had changed. It now represented the 2 feelings he had felt at the time of the deal. He had become a shadow pony Pegasus, but he also had developed a darker personality. It wanted him to conquer everyone, to take over. However he had heard what had happened to sombra and went to a wizard to have his other half sealed away. It succeeded for the most part, the only problem being he can still hear his other persona talking to him from time to time. In disgust he ended up cutting a scar to into his right eyelid hoping to keep it shut. He moved to Ponyville where he opened up his own bar where he is the bartender, trying to ignore the changes in his life.

other facts: he lost a piece of his right ear in a fight when he was young. The ring in his right ear is the only thing he has left from his mother. Although he was initially mad with the demon pony he has come to forgive and respect him, after a few further encounters. He also has a dirty sense of humour sometimes.



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Sorrowthewolf Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Hello Zero, Im returning to spriting and was wondering if I can still use your sheet.
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Shit, I forgot it was your birthday, Zero. ^^;

Happy birthday, dude. :)
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Happy Birthday. 
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Happy Birthday Man
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Hey there dear old friend/brother ^^
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Glad to know that u have a Deviant Art :P
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thank you so much for :+devwatch: ^^
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Hey dude it's been a while. : o How have you been? 
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